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Visit us at St. Albert Hearing for personalized services tailored to your needs. From hearing aid fittings and adjustments to cerumen removal and custom molds, Klinton Pilling is dedicated to improving your hearing health and enhancing your quality of life.

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Hearing solutions differ based on the type and degree of hearing loss. We offer hearing solutions for all lifestyles and budgets. Find out what is right for you.

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St. Albert Hearing

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Get the care you need at St. Albert Hearing. Klinton Pilling offers personalized services and comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique hearing health needs. 

St.albert Hearing

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Explore our comprehensive range of services at St. Albert Hearing Center. From precise hearing tests to expert fittings and repairs, we're here to support your journey to better hearing health.

Hearing Tests

Hearing Aid Fittings

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Hearing Aids and Accesories


Receiver in canal hearing aids provide a comfortable fit with tons of features and technology. RIC devices are small, stylish and easy to use. The RIC style is popular with first time wearers with mild to severe hearing loss.


Easy to handle and maintain, the larger Behind-the-Ear hearing aids provide the most amplification, making them the preferred solution for people with severe-to- profound hearing


Custom made, in the ear hearing aids are easy to adjust and come in a variety of sizes and options. Custom aids are very secure in the ear and comfortable to wear. Suitable for mild to severe wearing loss.

Companion App

The Companion App is so handy and easy to use. Just slide or tap your phone to adjust your volume, change programs and connect to accessories simply and discreetly without touching your hearing aids.

Our Products


It couldn't be easier to use rechargeable hearing aids. Simply set your hearing aids in their desktop charger at night, and you'll wake up to fully-powered devices in the morning

TV Streamer

Simple and easy to use. Stream stereo sound directly from your TV to your hearing aids wirelessly for a high quality TV watching experience you will really enjoy.

Connect Clip

Free up your hands while you’re talking. Transmits a call directly to both of your hearing aids, while its built-in microphones clearly catch what you are saying.


Small, simple and easy to use. A intuitive and discreet way to operate your hearing aids. Adjust volume, programs and connect to streaming devices.

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